Benefits your skin can get by using clays

The Zero Skin Clay Mask BenefitsUsage of clay masks has its roots to the ancient history. Earth is made up of variety of minerals & hence clay is said to have them in abundance and used for medicinal purposes even. Today, many of natural skin care products have clays as  their base. Though clays are claimed to have benefits of removing excess oil(used for oily skin), you could use clays for mostly any skin type. It depends on the type of clay and what other ingredient goes along with it. Clays when used regularly brings great benefits to your skin.

Detoxifies your skin

From the environmental pollution to the chemicals and non natural impurities built up on your skin, clay is said to get rid off them. Leaving these impurities on the skin will allow them to mix with skin oils ending up in inflammation and allergies.

Unclogs & shrinks pores

If you are a person having oily skin then clay masks are your boon. Clays like Bentonite helps remove excess oil or sebum from the clogged pores, also helps in reducing the pores.

Helps you in controlling acne

Your skin naturally produces oil or sebum to protect your skin from environmental and other conditions. But due to factors like lifestyle, stress, food habits & more, the skin generates excess sebum ending up in pores, congested skin and acne in some cases. Clays are said to control acne by removing of excess sebum while allowing natural oils to replenish your skin.

Helps you get a soft and smooth skin

Clays are said to contain silica one of the nutrient that is required to generate tissues in body. When silica is added to the body, it helps in generating connective tissues there by helping you get a soft and smoother skin.

Want to add some clays to your skin care routine? Choose from The Zero Skin’s range of masks and scrubs containing different varieties of clays.

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