Know what is your skin type and what product you should use?

The Zero Skin Know your skin type

Understanding your skin type is most important before you start using any skincare product. To know whether a product can be applied on your skin, its crucial to know what are the problems/conditions your skin has. Once you understand this you would be able to choose your skin care products wisely. 

Below table gives you 4 common skin types, the skin conditions with which you can identify which type you belong to & the most suitable product type that you can choose. 

Skin Type Skin Conditions Most Suitable Product
Dry You might have conditions like flaking, scaling and peeling, Cracking, Itching, and Redness. Skin appears and feels rough.
Feeling of tightness after coming in contact with water.
Use a rich moisturizer like cream or serums. 
Oily Enlarged pores, Skin appears shiny or dull. Shows an oily residue if blotted with tissue.
Use liquids such as light gels/serums, thin lotions as opposed to thick products that can clog pores
Avoid using products that contain harsh ingredients such as alcohol as they can trigger more sebum (oil) production
Sensitive Stinging sensation when using products. Skin likely to be dry or hyper-reactive.
Inflamed or irritated.
Show skin conditions such as eczema, rosacea or allergies
Avoid products that use
fragrance, alcohol and any other harsh ingredients
Combination Oily T-zone (face, nose, chin & forehead)
Parts of face dry and flaky
Light weight formulas e.g. gels/liquids/oil absorbing products
Lotions, creams & serums for dry areas 
This is a rule of thumb and so there may be cases where you may slightly deviate from this chart based on the product type. And also with the changing seasons & temperature ranges your skin might move from one type to other. So its always better to choose products keeping your skin type in mind rather than falling for a brand or fancy names that come up with them.

Hope this article gets you started with identifying your skin type and help you choose the right product for your skin. Happy skin regime. Keep following us for more blogs. Visit to buy organic and natural skin care products. 
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