About us

'The Zero Skin' aims at providing Organic & Natural skin care products with đźŚżZeroChemicals 🌿ZeroParabens & 🌿ZeroAdditives. Yes! Its our promise & every product of The Zero Skin is safe on your skin.

Why 'The Zero Skin' is special?
  • Handmade - Made with passion specially for you. Ensuring high level of quality
  • Small Batches - Less is more. Making small batches ensure great care goes in to every product you buy
  • Organic & Natural - We ensure all the ingredients used are natural assuring all our products are safe on your skin
  • Locally Sourced - We try to source our ingredients as much as possible locally. By buying a product you help our economy flourish
  • Sustainable - We never use harmful chemicals, lab made preservatives or artificial fragrances. Safe not just for skin but fo earth too
  • Cruelty Free - We don’t test our products on animals

What you need to know about our products?

As we use only natural ingredients, we don’t add any chemicals (preservatives/thickening agents, colours, fragrances etc). Hence please be aware of the below details. 
  • The product may change its consistency or colour based on the ingredients used. But the quality doesn’t degrade with this. 
  • Without any preservatives added, the shelf life of our products will be shorter (6 months - 1 year) than any chemical based cosmetics, depending on the ingredients used
  • The products are formulated only using natural products & hence don’t relate it to a chemical based cosmetics or consider it as a medication. 

Do contact us for any clarifications and we are happy to answer you.