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5 amazing benefits of drinking earthen clay pot(matka) water

There have been rounds of conversations about how much water we should drink. Few suggest we should drink at least 3-4 liters of water per day while few claim drinking too much water takes a toll on your kidney and hence it's not advisable. Not going deep into those conversations, we suggest you drink whenever you are thirsty as your body knows how much water you need.

It depends on many factors including your physical activity, sweat, weather, your body temperature, food and fluid intake & so on. So it's better to listen to your body and give it the required water whenever needed.

While we store water in different types of containers ranging from steel to plastic & copper gaining some attraction in recent times with copper bottles coming up in the market. But one thing that we had forgotten or rarely use is the earthen clay pot; the best you can choose from all the options you have. We don’t deny the fact copper is as good but there are disadvantages when the copper vessel is not cleaned properly which ends up in sediments of copper carbonate(the green color thing you see). Especially with the bottles where you can’t clean them properly.

So let's quickly see what benefits you get by drinking water stored in a clay pot.

1. Alkaline in Nature

Thanks to the alkaline nature of clay which reflects in the clay pot too. This helps to reduce the acidic nature of water balancing the PH and making it better for you by controlling gastric & acidity problems.

2. Boosts Metabolism

Earthen pots unlike other materials like plastic bottles are free from chemicals like BPA and hence help with your metabolism naturally. It is also said to balance the testosterone levels in your body.

3. Natural Cooler & best alternative to refrigerated water

Clay pot cools the water naturally and is said to reduce the water temperature by around 5 degrees. Hence this is the best alternative for people drinking refrigerated water. You get cool water naturally & also a sustainable option.

4. Gentle on the throat

During summers or the times when you have a cough, cold or bad throat, you could sip on water from a clay pot as it doesn’t cause any issues while you get to drink cool water. It is also said to avoid sunstroke as the pot keeps the rich minerals & nutrients intact.

5. Natural Purifier

Water stored in a clay pot is said to purify the water in 4 hours and hence you avoid using any filters like RO or UV. Make sure you wash the pot every 2 or 3 days.

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