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6 reasons why you should start using facial oils from today

Fats and oils are an extremely important part of maintaining healthy skin and a healthy balanced diet. Our skin is said to produce certain kinds of oils that are said to protect our skin from various skin and weather conditions.

So what are facial oils?

Facial oils are carrier oils(cold-pressed oils) optionally mixed with essential oils or active ingredients. They occur naturally in plants and these oils are derived from the nuts, beans, kernels (stones), and seeds of these plants mainly through cold pressing the seeds, nuts, and stones of plants to release the fat-containing oil, butter, or wax required by our bodies. They form the foundation of most natural skincare products. They are a source of natural fatty acids few of which are not produced by our body and getting those from such external means is vital to your skincare.

Breaking the myth

One of the myths is that you should don’t apply oil if you have oily skin. Secondly, they are said to clog your pores. All these claims have no base. Moreover, carrier oils come in different properties, consistency & quality making each oil suitable for specific skin types. So whatever skin type you have, you would be able to find a carrier oil that can benefit your skin.

So what benefits do you get by using facial oils

1. They help you with anti-aging benefits

The skin-generating ability of the skin reduces as we age which is the reason for skin problems including wrinkles. Facial oils help you provide the required supplement and provide young-looking skin.

2. They come as a skin barrier

Oils form a barrier to your skin thereby locking in moisture in your skin, helping absorb nutrients, and also preventing skin from any infections and weather conditions.

3. Oils penetrate deep into the skin

Oils contain lipid which has the characteristic of penetrating deep into the layers of skin. And hence they work on deep skin and not just on the top layer of skin. Also when used along with other products, it can help you take those active ingredients into the layers of the skin.

4. Glowing skin not greasy skin

These oils applied to your face (just 2-3 drops) give a glow to your skin. And do not stop there. Take your creativity to next level by adding the oils to your other skincare products like a foundation to get that super glow.

5. They are natural emollients

All carrier oils are known as emollients, an agent that softens and smoothest the skin preventing water loss, dryness, damage, and irritation.

6. There is one oil for every skin problem and any benefit you need

Different oils are suitable for different skin and all come with a variety of skin benefits. So you can rest assured that you can find an oil for your skin that gives you the needed nourishment.

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