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6 Tips to get best benefits when applying oil to your hair

Applying oil to hair has its own benefits and everyone knows that. But there are few myths/concerns people raise about applying oil to hair, to heat it or not, how much oil to apply, whether to apply overnight or not & so on. Will see few quick tips that would clear all these misconceptions.

  1. Applying oil to hair is something you have to add as part of your hair care routine with no doubt. But be sure of what benefits you need and apply an oil that brings that benefits. Readily available oils in our home like coconut oil, castor oil, sesame oil, and olive oil can be used. Make sure you use cold-pressed natural oils without chemicals. You can also use other oils like Argan Oil, Almond oil to name a, which boasts a lot of hair benefits, or hair care oils which are a blend of multiple oils(like The Zero Skin's Moringa Hair Growth Oil)

  2. If you want to make your own blend, you can mix multiple oils and add a few drops of essential oils like tea tree oil(again depending on the benefits you need). But ensure your essential oils are not more than 2 percent of your total blend

  3. Heating or not heating oil is a great discussion point where you get contradictory views from people. You don't need to heat too much so it reaches the oil’s boiling point to break down the oils. The best way is to double boil your oil which is a process by taking your oil in a small cup and placing it in a bigger one containing water in it and boiling the latter. This way you don’t overheat the oils. You just need to warm the oil

  4. How much oil is another hot topic to be discussed? Seen people applying too much oil that it falls on their entire face in minutes? More oil doesn’t mean better benefits. You need the right quantity of oil that you can massage your scalp with and apply to the strands of your hair.

  5. This leads to the point of whether we can apply overnight. The reason why you hear no a lot is that the oils can come in contact with your pillow and in turn with your face affecting the skin. This is the same even when you apply in the day. So ensure the oils don’t slip onto your face. Maybe use a head cap to cover your hair. It's best to apply oil at night for the reason that you can give enough time for the oil to get into your scalp and you don’t travel out avoiding any dirt sticking to your hair.

  6. Washing your hair needs the same care. Use a mild shampoo or natural shampoo/powders to get rid-off the oils. Many complain about the shampoos not removing the oils(Remember the right amount of oil you need to use?). It is ok if there is a little strain of oil left over in your hair. You just need to ensure your scalp is clean.

Hope these tips help you indulge in a good session of oiling your hair.

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