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Tips to take care of your skin this summer naturally

Summers can be so much fun on the beaches, fishing, or simply having fun with friends in the warm and sunny weather. But unfortunately, the undesirable result is visible within a few days -a tanned skin. It is fairly safe to say that due to the active lifestyles we lead, we are constantly exposed to the sun. When you have been exposed to the sun so much that your skin cells are almost damaged, skin tanning becomes an issue and makes the skin look dull. Ultraviolet A(UVA) radiation is what makes people tan. UVA rays penetratethe lower layers of the skin epidermis, where they trigger cells called melanocytes to produce melanin. Melanin is the brown pigment that causes tanning. Melanin is the body's way of protecting skin from burning. Thus tanning is your body’s way of taking care of the skin and preventing damage. Sunscreen contains substances to block UVA and UVB rays. However, choosing a sunscreen can be quite tricky and if you pick the wrong one, then you will get absolutely no sun protection to avoid tanning of your skin. Sunscreens come mostly in chemical forms as you don't get much of a sunscreen lotion effect in any natural products. So it's always good to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible by following a few tips. Try to wear full sleeve shirts to protect your arms. Use hats and scarves to avoid sun damage. Clothes can block a major amount of solar radiation and save you unnecessary trouble. Carry an umbrella always, You can protect your face and your hair from getting hit by direct sunlight if you carry an umbrella with you. Have a skin-friendly diet: have a collagen-rich diet that will fasten skin repair and make it easier to remove the layer of sun tan. Omega 3 fatty acids and foods were rich in vitamin E act as natural internal sunscreens. Tomatoes, when consumed raw or cooked, can help to shield the skin from sun damage internally. Make sure your food has plenty of anti-oxidants. After all this, you will still have the after-sun affect on your skin. Here are two best natural ways to treat your skin.

  • Use our detan scrub for tanning. It has high-quality scrubbing granules that have been processed to make sure it helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, help remove tanning, stimulate skin microcirculation, and help mitigate blemishes and superficial white and blackheads. It shall give a fair and radiant look to the skin. Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth. Our detan scrub is powered with papaya, licorice, orange, rose oil to help remove tan & improve your complexion, aloe vera, peppermint & bergamot helps in aiding the sunburn and cools your skin naturally.

  • Use our raw aloe vera, the go-to product for sunburn and skin rash problems. It's a natural coolant that helps detan your skin and also avoids itching and irritation of the skin that is caused normally after sun exposure. It also acts as a moisturizer and leaves your skin soft and hydrated. Moreover, being a natural gel without any additives or chemicals, its best suited for all skin types.

Hope you have happy summer & your skin too :)

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