Jojoba Oil (Organic & Cold Pressed)
Jojoba Oil (Organic & Cold Pressed)
Jojoba Oil (Organic & Cold Pressed)
Jojoba Oil (Organic & Cold Pressed)

Jojoba Oil (Organic & Cold Pressed)

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It's a light oil that helps in skin moisturization without leaving skin oily. Jojoba oil mimics the existence of sebum & assists with breakdown of sebum there by making this oil great for oily skin but being a good moisturizer suits dry skin well too. Nourishes dry and damaged hair and promotes hair growth.

Comedogenic Rating: 2

Suitable For: All skin types especially mature, dry, and oily.

Quality & Absorption: Light versatile oil & fast absorption rate. 


Take a few drops and massage gently over the face and body. Leave for 30 mins or overnight and cleanse with a mild cleanser like our oil to milk cleanser. For using as a hair oil, slightly heat the oil, apply on the scalp & leave overnight. Wash-off with any of our shampoos.

Organic & Natural

All our products are made using organic and natural ingredients. If you are switching from chemical based skincare to natural for the first time, your skin may react differently & end up with more acne. This is because of your skin going through a detox process. It would subside and go to normal as you continue using our products.


We always use fresh ingredients and don't add any preservatives or chemicals. So it is suggested to store the products away from sun & a cool place.

Colour & Consistency

As with any natural products, the ingredients we use may vary in colour depending on season or other factors and hence the end product colour may change. Also with changing temperature, few product's consistency will change but will turn back to normal as soon as it comes to regular temperature. The product quality does not degrade with change in colour or consistency.

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